Singleness can be so discouraging. Period. Games, situationships, clowns, and web of lies have formed the atmosphere in these dating streets. Meet Whitney Davis, aka @justwhiti, a 30-something Christian comedienne influencer who feels “Single Life Is Funny.”
Trigger warning: We are talking about grieving in this weeks episode and it gets a little emotional! I hope this sparks some beautiful conversations! We love y’all!
It can be difficult to know what to expect from marriage when you haven’t been married and It can be very difficult to know who / what information to trust. Being that there is a lot of conflicting information available, in this episode, @Apologetics with Preston Perry uncovers the “truth about marriage” (from a biblical perspective) and helps level set expectations. Preston Perry is a spoken-word poet, performing artist, and teacher from the Southside of Chicago. He and his wife Jackie Hill Perry are Christian leaders and have a great podcast @With The Perrys

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