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“He had her time. But her past had her heart. Imprint is a story of four women who prove that sometimes you have to break to be healed.”  It is clear that what we do in life affects more than just ourselves. But what will the IMPRINT be for murder, sex, and the thirst for happiness?  Through comedy, action, and romance, the lives of these women intertwines, as life spirals out of control.
This Dream Team of C.E.O.s discuss how they became friends yet they are able to hold one another accountable in the business arena. The Circle of C.E.O.s started from a series of in-person and zoom meetings that brought them closer over time. They are close friends as well as high level C.E.O.s of their individual companies. The main focus was and still is adding value to one another. Nehemiah Davis https://www.instagram.com/neodaviso/ Justin Ownes https://www.instagram.com/newageceo/ Marcus Barney https://www.instagram.com/him500/ Alix Burton https://www.instagram.com/alix_gooden… Jason Lobdell https://www.instagram.com/mr2weeksout/ https://www.instagram.com/thecircleof… 

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